‘If I have to fight it out in the public, I’ll do so,’ Jefferson Co. Clerk Warns Over 19th Dist Special Election Plans

Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw squared off with the Kentucky Board of Election this week, as the group chose to reject her plan for a special election scheduled for Feb. 21 to replace Morgan McGarvey in the state Senate.

The Kentucky Board of Elections rejected Holsclaw’s plan over her objections, citing a lack of voting locations.

“I find that at this late in the game that this is totally irresponsible,” Holsclaw told the KBE this week. “…I do find this to be unacceptable.”

The Board of Elections rejected her plan because it would only provide four voting locations for 100,000 voters.

“If I have to fight it out in the public, I’ll do so,” Holsclaw threatened the board on Tuesday.

The Feb. 21 election will pit Democratic candidate Cassie Chambers Armstrong and Republican candidate Misty Glin against one another in the heavily Democratic district. The two are seeking to replace former Democratic state Sen. Morgan McGarvey, who resigned in January after being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Board said they were seeking a compromise with Holsclaw and hold a special meeting “sometime in the next week.”

Secretary of State Michael Adams told WDRB that discussions are taking place with the Jefferson County Public Schools to add additional voting locations. JCPS is not in session on Tuesday, Feb 21.

Holsclaw was sworn into a seventh term in office at the beginning of the year.