House Democrats Target “Extremist Republicans” With Abortion-Related Ads

The Kentucky House Democratic caucus has begun running ads against Republicans this fall that, they say hold extremist views on abortion.

The ads are targeting numerous candidates and incumbents including Reps. Dan Fister, Jason Nemes, Jonathan Dixon, and Ken Fleming. Democrats are also targeting multiple GOP candidates including Steven Doan, Stephanie Dietz, Emily Callaway, Jared Bauman, Jim Coleman, and Kyle Whalen.

“Republicans in Frankfort want to change Kentucky forever by putting big government in charge. It’ll start with abortion with no exceptions, giving rapists and child molesters more rights than women,” Democratic House Leader Joni Jenkins said.

According to the House Democratic caucus the ads are running in their districts, though they are not disclosing the size of the ad buy.

“We want every Kentuckian to know what Republicans are doing in Frankfort and know that they have an alternative on the ballot this year,” Jenkins added. “Republicans want to see out-of-state corporations and the rich run Frankfort with big tax breaks while stiffing the middle class.”

The abortion issue could draw numerous Kentuckians to the ballot this year as Constitutional Amendment 2 will be up for ratification by the people on the November ballot. As the Supreme Court sent the abortion issue states, the Kentucky legislature passed laws to ban abortions. Those laws are currently being fought over in court.

Republicans in the legislature want to pass the constitutional amendment to permanently ban abortions in Kentucky, and Democrats are fighting to strike down the amendment in November and keep fighting for abortion access.

The ads are primarily running in urban areas which could see an uptick in voters seeking to keep abortions accessible in Kentucky.