Hot Mic Meltdown; Sen. Harper Angel Caught Unloading Profanities During Committee Meeting

UPDATED: An angel Sen. Denise Harper Angel was not during a hot microphone moment caught on a Zoom meeting on Wednesday.

Courier Journal reporter Joe Sonka first clipped and shared the surprising outburst on Twitter of state Sen. Denise Harper Angel, D-Louisville, verbally unloading on someone during a Senate State and Local Government Committee meeting.

Harper Angel is apparently upset at someone else for cussing during the opening of the committee meeting she attended virtually via Zoom, and she in turn tells the unidentified person to shut up.

“You made me miss roll call because I couldn’t unmute because you were fucking cussing,” Harper Angel said on the hot mic in the video.

“Just shut up,” she continues as the two argue.

On Wednesday evening Harper Angel took to social media to explain the incident.

“Unfortunately, a private moment between my husband and I was accidentally shared when I thought my computer was on mute,” she wrote. “All couples have their disagreements. The stress of wearing many different hats, combined with an ongoing pandemic, manifested when I had trouble accessing the Zoom. This was a personal moment not mean for public broadcast, and I hope everyone will respect that.”

Harper Angel has served in the state Senate since 2005.