Gov. Beshear Skipping Fancy Farm

Gov. Andy Beshear will not be attending the 142nd Annual Fancy Farm Picnic.

The Governor and First Lady Britainy Beshear will be visiting the Holy Land in August, Beshear wrote on Twitter. Beshear is currently scheduled to appear at a public event in Mayfield on August 1, getting him a visit to Western Kentucky days before the St. Jerome Picnic and political speaking on August 6.

Beshear attended Fancy Farm in 2019 as a candidate for governor. The picnic was canceled because of COVID in 2020 and brought back in 2021. No Democrats attended the 2021 event as COVID cases again began to spike.

With Republicans dominating most of Kentucky’s statewide election the lone Democrat at the 142nd Fancy Farm will be U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Charles Booker.

A full list of speakers and their speaking order is listed below.

2022 Fancy Farm Picnic Political Speaking

Fancy Farm Political Chairman Steven Elder Welcome
Owensboro Diocese Bishop William Medley Invocation
Former Mayfield Mayor Teresa Cantrell National Anthem
Carter Parks & Alex Goodman My Old Ky Home
House Speaker David Osborne Yes

Ky State Senator Jason Howell – R Yes
Ky Representative Richard Heath – R Yes
U.S. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell – R Pending
*U.S. Senator Rand Paul – R Pending
*U.S. Senate Candidate Charles Booker – D Yes
U.S. Congressman James Comer – R Yes
Attorney General Daniel Cameron – R Yes
Secretary of State – Michael Adams – R Yes
Auditor Mike Harmon – R Yes
Treasurer Allison Ball – R Yes
Ag. Commissioner Ryan Quarles – R Yes
Rep. Savannah Maddox – R Yes