Gov. Beshear Fundraising Push Claims GOP Will ‘Gerrymander Their Way Into Power for the Next Decade’

Gov. Andy Beshear pushed an email to his supporters asking for donations to ensure Democratic governors in red-states, like him, get elected and act as “the last line of defense” against Republican ideas.

In the email Beshear urges supporters to donate to the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), a political action committee organized to support Democratic governors and candidates. The DGA has the ability to come along side Beshear in his 2023 re-election efforts and attack his GOP opponents.

“It’s Andy Beshear, Governor of Kentucky. And I need you to know how important it is for all Americans – including you – that we elect Democratic governors in so-called red states. Give me a second to explain. You probably know that the GOP has pushed over 400 voter suppression bills in 49 states in just this year alone. On top of that, they are getting ready to gerrymander their way into power for the next decade. Democratic governors like me are the last line of defense against these attacks on our fundamental rights. So, will you give $1 right now (all gifts up to $50,000 will be matched!) before our end-of-month deadline tonight to elect Democratic governors across the country and protect voting rights?

Republican super majorities in the Kentucky House and Senate are currently drawing new legislative district maps to come in line with the latest census. The districts change every 10 years following the census reports to ensure each person gets equal representation. The party in charge of each house of the legislature draws the maps most often in a way that favors themselves and their candidates.

Some in GOP leadership have called on Gov. Beshear, D-Kentucky, to call lawmakers into a special session to pass new legislative district maps before the candidate filing deadline in January 2022.

Republicans already maintain super majorities in districts drawn by Democrats.

The email continues asking for donations to support the 38 governorships up for election between now and 2022.