Gov. Andy Beshear Endorses Democratic Challenger to Thomas Massie

Gov. Andy Beshear is endorsing the Democratic 4th District Congressional challenger to incumbent Republican Thomas Massie.

Beshear offered his endorsement of Matthew Lehman in Covington, Kentucky, on Tuesday, according to LINKnky.

The Democratic governor focused much of his remarks around the Brent Spence Bridge and Congressman Massie’s ‘no’ vote against the infrastructure bill which could fund the massive replacement project. The online Northern Kentucky outlet reports Beshear was joined by senior adviser Rocky Adkins, and state Rep. Rachel Roberts.

Lehman is a tech and pharmaceutical entrepreneur as the CEO of Koligo Therapeutics, according to his LinkedIn profile. Koligo is a startup working to expand access to pancreatic islet transplants, reduce or eliminate opioid dependence and improve the quality of life for chronic pancreatitis. They are working to develop the next generation of modified cell transplant technologies.

Lehman has a Master of Science from Columbia University in New York, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Louisville, Kentucky. He has grown and exited two other startup companies in the health technology space.

Massie is an MIT graduate who also exited a startup, but that’s likely where the similarities end between these two candidates.

Beshear is expected to also endorse Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Charles Booker.