Fmr. Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson Endorses Craig Greenberg

As Craig Greenberg seeks distance from current Democratic Mayor Greg Fischer another longtime Democratic mayor is endorsing his campaign.

Jerry Abramson, who earned the nickname “mayor for life,” after serving as Louisville’s mayor from 1986 to 1999 and later under the consolidated city-county government of Louisville Metro from 2003 to 2011, endorsed Greenberg for the position on Monday.

“I know what it takes to be mayor of Louisville, and I’ve been asked for weeks from folks all over the community, so who’s best prepared to lead the community forward? There’s no question in my mind, it’s Craig Greenberg,” Abramson said.

“When you think about the vision that he has for the future of our hometown it really excites me to support his effort to be the next mayor,” he continued.

Greenberg is running for mayor as the city reels from increasing violent crime, including an assassination attempt on his own life during this campaign. Last week, former Democratic rival and often a critic of Greenberg, Rev. Tim Findley, endorsed Greenberg’s campaign.

Republican Bill Dieruf, Jeffersontown’s mayor, is challenging for the seat in the heavily Democratic district. Dieruf faces a 100,000+ voter registration gap and a two-to-one fundraising disadvantage.