DNC Chair Hosts Fundraiser for Kentucky Democratic Party

Gov. Andy Beshear and others close to him will welcome the Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison to Kentucky tonight for a virtual fundraiser.

Other featured guests include Rocky Adkins, Congressman John Yarmuth, Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, and Kentucky Democratic Party (KDP) Chairman Colmon Elridge.

There are several notable things we can draw from the promoted guests, including those who are not on the list. Notably absent from the list is Amy McGrath, who raised nearly $100 million for her Senate run last year. While it could be a miscalculation or on purpose, the perception is that she was not invited to an event headlined by another former Senate contender in Harrison, who lost to Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham in 2020. Kentucky Fried Politics reached out to KDP Chair Elridge about McGrath’s absence on the list but did not receive a response.

Also absent from the list of featured guests is Charles Booker, who has formed an exploratory committee in anticipation of a Senate run in 2022 against U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky.

There’s one other notable thing we can draw from the list, which is the inclusion of Rocky Adkins as a featured guest. His name appears along with the national Democratic Party chair, which likely means he is not entering a race in 2022 for the U.S. Senate. If he entered a race, Adkins would likely run for U.S. Senate as a Joe Manchin-like rural-conservative running as a Democrat figure.

The Republican Party of Kentucky reacted to the news of the fundraiser in a statement, quickly tying Beshear to the national Democratic Party.

“Tonight’s event with President Biden’s hand-picked Democrat Party chair and one of Nancy Pelosi’s top lieutenants shows us once again that Gov. Andy Beshear prioritizes far-left, D.C. politics over the people of Kentucky,” said RPK Chairman Mac Brown in a statement. “Instead of fixing pressing issues facing our state – like the ongoing unemployment insurance debacle – Gov. Andy Beshear is embracing D.C. Democrats and their extremist policies like the Green New Deal, abortion on demand, banning voter ID laws and more.” 

Tickets for the fundraiser range from $100 supporter to $2,500 host level.