Derby Hangover – Ad Taunts Trump McConnell Played You; KY Ad Maker Nominated for 24 Awards

The Lincoln Project is taunting former President Donald Trump, saying he lost to Mitch McConnell and “the swamp.” 

The ad, reported on by The Hill, says “McConnell’s Washington consultants are making big money using your name. We don’t know if Mitch gets a cut. But what do you think, Donald?”

The video shows a snippet of McConnell pledging support for Trump at the Republican National Convention in 2020. 

“You’re getting played,” the narrator says in the ad. “He’s picking candidates loyal to him. They brought you a little bowl to hold in your little hands, and you fell for it.”

Watch the video here.

The ad comes as tension from Trump towards McConnell seems to be boiling over. Trump told Republicans that if they hope to take the upper chamber in 2022, they should ditch McConnell as Senate GOP Leader.

Kentucky’s Content Creative Media Named Finalist for 24 Awards 

Content Creative Media is in the running for two-dozen Reed awards for their 2020 campaign work. 

The Kentucky company was named a finalist for four entries in Overall categories, 17 entries in Television categories, two entries in Radio categories, and one entry in a Digital category.

One of the ads, “Trump Hater,” an attack ad on behalf of Thomas Massie against his Democratic opponent has been nominated for the best TV ad.

Watch the Massie ad here.