David Nicholson Lists New Endorsements in Democratic Primary for Louisville Mayor

Some major elected and former-elected politicians have given their support to Jefferson Circuit Court Clerk David Nicholson in the Louisville Democratic primary for mayor.

Nicholson announced on Wednesday the endorsements of 32 current and former elected officials as their candidate for mayor.

State Sen. Gerald Neal said, “David Nicholson is the only candidate with service in all three branches of government and has the extensive relationships that will make him effective the moment he is sworn into office.”

“David Nicholson’s thirty plus years of public safety experience puts him at the right place at the right time for our city. Let’s not miss this opportunity to elect him,” said Joni Jenkins, the Kentucky House of Representatives Minority Floor Leader.  “I have known David Nicholson for many years – he will listen to residents and restore trust, and he will bring honesty, integrity, and safety back to our city. We need him,” added State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian.

Current Elected Officials
State Senator Gerald Neal
State Senator Denise Harper-Angel
Kentucky House of Representatives Minority Floor Leader Joni Jenkins
Representative Mary Lou Marzian
Representative Jeff Donohue
Representative Charlie Miller
Jefferson County PVA Colleen Younger
Metro Councilman Mark Fox
Metro Councilwoman Madonna Flood
Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin
Metro Councilman Kevin Triplett
Metro Councilwoman Cindi Fowler
Middletown Mayor Byron Chapman
Jefferson County Judge Executive Queenie Averette

Former Elected Officials
Former State Senator Perry Clark
Former State Representative Dennis Horlander
Former Metro Councilwoman Marianne Butler
Former Metro Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch
Former Metro Councilman President Ron Weston
Former Commonwealth Attorney David Stengel
Former Jefferson County PVA Tim Firkins
Former Jefferson County PVA Tony Lindauer
Former 1st Ward Alderman Melissa Mershon
Former 2nd Ward Alderman Sharon Hall
Former Board of Alderman President Creighton Mershon
Former “B” District Commissioner Delores Delahanty
Former Circuit Court Clerk Tony Miller
Former JCPS School Board Member Stephanie Horne