Daniel Cameron shares framework for education plan

Republican primary candidate for governor and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is sharing an educational framework he would pursue if elected.

Cameron’s education plan contains four points that he says will put “children, their parents, and our teachers first.”

”Kentucky parents deserve the best possible education for their children,” Cameron said in a news release announcing the framework. “My framework puts parents, students, and teachers ahead of any ideology or radical influence. We have been told we need to make a choice between supporting our teachers and giving parents a say in their children’s education. That does not have to be the case, and, in my administration, that will end.”

The Framework:

  1. Defend Kentucky’s Values. Cameron says he will end the teaching of Critical Race Theory and stop the Kentucky Department of Education from promoting any curriculum or policy that encourages the teaching of woke ideologies in the K-12 public education system. “Students should go to school to learn the skills necessary to be productive citizens, not to distrust or fear their classmates because of the color of their skin or to have identity politics forced on them.”
  2. Raise Teacher Pay. In his first budget, Cameron is promising to propose legislation that raises the starting pay for teachers and ensures that no teacher’s salary is below the new starting-pay benchmark. “I will also propose a bill giving a stipend to every teacher in Kentucky to help offset the personal expenses they incur purchasing school supplies.”
  3. Reduce Bureaucracy. “In my Administration, I will work with educators and administrators to reduce this burden. Our teachers should be focused on teaching, not red tape.”
  4. Keep Politics Out Of The Board Of Education. “I will only appoint members to the Kentucky Board of Education who understand the needs of teachers, refuse to allow our students to be indoctrinated, and welcome parents’ involvement. I will not appoint members who favor bureaucracy and woke virtue-signaling over the success of our kids.”

Cameron is one of 12 Republicans vying for the GOP nomination on May 16 to challenge Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear in the fall.