Daniel Cameron Responds to Bizarre Pro-Kelly Craft PAC Attack Ad

A political action committee supporting Republican candidate for governor Kelly Craft is attacking GOP nominee frontrunner Daniel Cameron in a bizarre ad referencing bears.

Commonwealth PAC released an ad on Monday challenging Cameron’s handling of illegal drugs in the bluegrass state.

“It’s flattering to be attacked this early because it shows the strength of our lead, and also lays bare the fact that my opponents know they can’t win on their own merits,” Cameron said in a statement Monday. “I know voters are smart – they’ll see this for what it is – silliness.

“Kentuckians know I’ve been a conservative fighter on every issue that matters to them,” the GOP Attorney General said. “I’ve taken on Biden and Beshear and their liberal agendas – I’ve sued them at the highest courts in the country and WON. That’s why President Donald Trump has endorsed my campaign for Governor. President Trump endorsed me over candidates who used to work for him. Why? Because he knows that I do more than talk. He knows I’ve taken action. And Trump knows I have the courage and the skill to fight and win.”

Courier-Journal reporter Joe Sonka was first to reveal the ad and the group behind the attack on Twitter.

Cameron is one of 12 candidate seeking the Republican nomination on May 16 to challenge Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear in November.