Daniel Cameron has Until August to Name a Lt. Gov Candidate; Six he Could Choose

For the first time since the 1990’s Kentucky’s second in command, the Lieutenant Governor, AKA a warm body in the event of a disaster, will be selected outside of the primary.

Daniel Cameron easily won the GOP primary becoming the Republican nominee for Governor, while his second in command is rather inconsequential it will be the source of much intrigue.

Here are 6 people who Cameron could consider for the role:

  1. Ryan Quarles. The Agriculture Commissioner gave a strong effort in the 12-way Republican primary finishing second behind Cameron. Quarles has a deep grassroots network that would be appealing to Cameron in the General Election. The task is to give Quarles a reason to take the job.
  2. Julie Raque Adams. The state Senator from Louisville is high on the list of rumored running mates for Cameron. Like Cameron, she is also in the “McConnell Network,” and could aid in appealing to suburban women.
  3. Kim Moser. The state Representative also brings diversity to the ticket and could aid in geographic help in the Northern Kentucky region.
  4. Alan Keck. While he placed 6th in the GOP primary, Somerset Mayor Alan Keck’s eastern Kentucky roots and positive campaign style caught the attention of many politicos.
  5. Suzanne Miles. The state Representative fills a different geographic niche with her Owensboro district. Miles has served the western Kentucky area since 2014.
  6. Gary Moore. The Boone County Judge and former president of the Kentucky Association of Counties is tied in across the state, and he also calls Northern Kentucky home.

Gov. Andy Beshear has already named Jacqueline Coleman, his current Lt. Governor, as his running mate this year.

The deadline to form a slate of Governor/Lt. Governor is on the second Tuesday in August. This year that day is Aug. 8.