Daniel Cameron Files to Raise Money for Governor’s Race

UPDATED: Daniel Cameron has officially joined the race for the Republican nomination to run for governor next year.

Cameron, the first-term Republican Attorney General, filed his statement of spending intent with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance on Wednesday. Cameron released a statement on entering the race a couple hours after filing his paperwork.

“I’ve decided to run for Governor because Kentucky needs a leader who reflects the values of the men, women and children of all 120 counties,” Cameron said in a statement. “That’s not our current Governor.”

“If you attend church or own a small business, you should know your Governor won’t target you and shut you down,” he continued. “You should expect a Governor who will stand up for life. And if you’re in law enforcement you deserve a Governor who won’t abandon you for political gain. As your Attorney General I’ve proven that I will always defend Kentucky’s values.”

Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles entered the race for the Republican primary in the last two weeks. Auditor Mike Harmon entered the race last year.

In the statement of spending intent, Cameron lists his wife, Makenze as the treasurer for his gubernatorial campaign.

Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear is seeking re-election to a second term in office.