Daniel Cameron Crowd Sourcing ‘Zingers’ for Fancy Farm Speech

Kentucky Attorney General and candidate in the Republican primary for governor Daniel Cameron is seeking help from his followers for his Fancy Farm speech.

In a video posted to his Instagram account on Thursday, Cameron is offering a signed campaign t-shirt in exchange for a one-liner or joke that he adds to his speech on Saturday.

“We are about a week out from Fancy Farm and I’d love your help,” he says in the video. “Trying to make sure we have enough joke material – I would encourage you to submit whatever jokes or one-liners you have.”

Cameron will join other gubernatorial hopefuls including Auditor Mike Harmon, Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, and Rep. Savannah Maddox at the annual event on Saturday. Cameron’s offer to add a joke or a one-liner might be a first for a candidate.