Dance Battle? SOS Adams Squares Off Against Libertarian Party of KY

A day after announcing he would not be seeking the GOP nomination for the 3rd District Congressional seat, Kentucky Secretary of State Mike Adams got into a spat with the Libertarian Party of Kentucky over a video he had released.

The tiff is the latest exchange between the Libertarian Party and Republicans in Kentucky.

In a Tik Tok video posted on Adams’s official Secretary of State Twitter account on Monday, Adams shakes his hips as the disco song “The Hustle” plays he warns Kentuckians not to be deceived by scammers trying to sell state documents.

The video was rebuked by the Libertarian Party of Kentucky in a since-deleted tweet calling the video “cringe,” and questioning where Kentucky tax dollars go. Adams was quick to defend the video in the Twitter feud, posting the Secretary of State’s office is self-reliant, and making an attack of his own.

In the day that followedthe tweet received 220 likes, and many, many memes posted in response.

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky fought for the last word, telling Adams, “Get better dance moves and we can negotiate from there.”