Craig Greenberg Issues Plan to Improve Louisville; Dieruf Claims The Ideas and Phrasing are His

The Democratic and Republican candidates for Louisville mayor are busy issuing plans and pointing fingers as the campaigns zero in on Election Day.

Democratic nominee Craig Greenberg offered his Day One priorities focusing on making Louisville’s communities safe.

Greenberg’s plan includes a crackdown on illegal guns, fully staffing LMPD, prioritizing solving violent crimes, implementing emergency mental health responses, launching an abandoned vehicle response team, building more affordable housing, and creating safe community spaces.

“Too much time has been wasted studying our problems instead of solving them. The time for endless studies and patience is over. Our city is demanding action,” Greenberg writes in his plan. “On January 2nd, a new Mayor of Louisville will be entrusted with leading our city in that New Direction. From Day One, the new Mayor and Administration must begin
immediately delivering results for every neighborhood in Louisville.”

A full copy of his New Direction Plan is available to download at the link below.

Republican candidate Bill Dieruf responded to the plan in a page-long retort claiming the ideas in Greenberg’s plan come from Dieruf.

“There are several statements that are familiar to me — because they’re mine. He’s copying my proven leadership to try to prove that he is more capable at running a city than he actually is,” Dieruf said in the statement.

“At the start of his statement today, my opponent talks about how there should be no more studies but action — one of my campaign points since the summer of 2021. He also uses the term Day One throughout the document. I have been using Ready Day One in my campaign for more than a year,” he continued. “My opponent has made these mistakes even though he’s paid consultants a lot of money to advise him. This is what he comes up with? He doesn’t have anything original to say because he has no experience as a Mayor or elected official of any kind.”

The General Election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.