Craig Greenberg Adds to Endorsement List From Metro Council

LOUISVILLE – On the fourth floor of the hip Butchertown Market in the Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville, Craig Greenberg’s campaign highlighted their latest coup in the race for Mayor of Louisville.

Greenberg, 47, appeared on Tuesday at his campaign HQ with several members of the Louisville Metro Council who endorsed the candidate in the May 17 Democratic Primary.

There are now six members of the council who are backing Greenberg including Council President David James, Cassie Chambers Armstrong, Keisha Dorsey, Markus Winkler, Nicole George, and Donna Purvis. The campaign hinted there could be more endorsements on the way.

“Today, when I say I endorse Craig Greenberg, that means I stand with him, I will hold him accountable when he is not right, I will rally with him when he is right, and we will continue as a team to push Louisville forward,” Metro Councilwoman Keisha Dorsey said. “I ask you get your shoes on, get on the sidewalk, hit the pavement, and run with us. This is not a game our city is in crisis.”

Greenberg said the latest endorsements are important not only because of their status on the metro council, but the diversity across dozens of neighborhoods that are represented across Louisville.

“These endorsements are so important because I plan to have an incredibly close working relationship with the Metro Council. A relationship that unfortunately I don’t think this city has seen in many years,” he said. A relationship that is critical to the success of our city.”

“I plan to be a collaborative mayor who listens, and welcomes input from everyone – not just from those on Metro Council who are endorsing me today, but everyone, regardless of political party,” Greenberg continued.

The endorsement was not without controversy, as Tim Findley Jr., another Democrat running in the primary, called into question the members endorsing Greenberg in the primary.

The Metro Council members at the press conference pushed back against Findley’s statement when asked by Kentucky Fried Politics their response.

“When I see someone who is ready to hit the ground, who can keep their commitment, who will show up I will endorse,” Dorsey said, adding she and the others are about representing their constituency.

“This isn’t personal, this is about the people we represent and about the people who will show up,” she continued. “I met with two mayoral candidates who reached out to me, mayoral candidate Shameka Parrish Wright and Craig Greenberg, both of them took time to come to my community.”

George also said she had met with candidates, and kept her word.

“I did not make any assurances to anyone before the end of the year, and so I think that’s really important to know,” said Councilwoman George, adding she met with anyone with interest about her district.

Greenberg leads the Democratic field in fundraising as well as endorsements, his campaign has reported over $800,000 in the bank to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. Jefferson Circuit Court Clerk David Nicholson, Shameka Parrish Wright, Tim Findley Jr., have all raised money for the Democratic primary. On the Republican side, Jeffersontown Mayor Bill Dieruf is leading the GOP primary.