Craft Dodges on Gubernatorial Run, Trump’s Responsibility for Capitol Riot

In a weekend interview with CNN former United Nations Ambassador Kelly Craft juked more than an NFL running back.

Craft, refused to answer a question on former President Donald Trump’s responsibility for the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, dodging the question and plunging into talking points about Democrats trying to rile up their base.

“They impeached President Trump, what more are they trying to do to rile up the base, I mean, are they concerned about the elections in 2022, because of their failed policies,” Craft said, in response to a video of former Ambassador Scott Brown, a Republican who said Trump was responsible for the Jan. 6 riot.

CNN anchor Pamela Brown, the daughter of former Kentucky Gov. John Y. Brown, tried to clarify to Craft that Brown is a Republican who served Trump, and again tried to elicit a response to her question.

Brown was also unable to get a clear answer from Craft on her gubernatorial ambitions when asked if the former ambassador is running in 2023.

“You know what, are you a registered voter in Kentucky,? Are you going to vote for me? Are you a registered voter,” Craft quipped to Brown when the anchor tried a second time to get a clear answer from Craft on the gubernatorial race.

“I am exploring all avenues of which I can be best suited to move Kentucky forward…”