Craft Discusses Mass Shooting, Trump endorsement for Cameron in Interview with Bill Bryant

In a wide ranging interview with WKYT’s Bill Bryant GOP gubernatorial primary candidate and former Ambassador Kelly Craft discussed why she thinks President Trump endorsed Daniel Cameron, and what she would do to protect Kentuckians from mass shootings.

Craft, who is currently in second place of a dozen candidates in public polling, defended her decision to keep a campaign event in Louisville last week, hours after a gunman killed 5, and injured 8 others, including a police officer.

“We did not have campaign event,” Craft said. “It was actually right after in the afternoon. We went to the event and we all prayed. We had a minister there, actually we had two ministers there. And we prayed and everyone talked. Because everyone had already gathered at the event.”

Louisville Public Media, who attended the event, told a different version in their reporting last week, reporting Craft campaigned on anti-trans platform hours after the mass shooting.

“Craft and Gaines both expressed condolences to the families of those killed. But when asked about how she would address gun violence as governor, Craft declined to share any plans,” Kentucky Public Media reported.

“I don’t think today is an appropriate time to be talking about anything other than the loss of these lives and those who are in critical condition,” Craft said, refraining from mentioning any gun control measures.”

In Craft’s interview with Bill Bryant, she discussed measures to protect Kentuckians, but said gun laws were off the table.

“I am not going to touch the 2nd Amendment,” she said, pointing instead to reducing stigmas associated with mental health and ensuring law enforcement has “necessary resources.”

During the interview, Bryant also asked Craft about her former boss, President Donald Trump endorsing Daniel Cameron in Kentucky’s governor’s race.

“[Trump] didn’t have to make a choice because I wasn’t in the race,” she said of Trump’s endorsement last year. “And there is no one who has worked harder than Joe and Kelly Craft to make certain he was selected the first time, and then, again work tirelessly for him.”

Trump did endorse before Craft entered the primary, but he also reiterated his support for Cameron in October, months after Craft entered the race.

Craft and Cameron are two of a dozen Republicans seeking the GOP nomination for governor in four weeks.