Craft & Cameron turn to Fox News to Carry their Message to KY GOP Voters

Two high-profile Kentucky Republicans with ambitions to be the GOP nominee for governor this year are taking their messages national.

In their hopes to win a 12-way primary race in May, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and former UN Ambassador Kelly Craft are turning to right-wing television and digital to get their message to Kentucky voters.

Craft is promising to crack down against “the Chinese Communist Party’s contributions to the fentanyl crisis plaguing the United States,” Fox News wrote on Friday. Mexico and China are the primary sources of fentanyl coming into the United States, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The former Ambassador quickly points to China as an indication of how she can “stand up” for Kentuckians. If elected governor, it is unclear how Craft would cut down on illegal Fentanyl coming from China into the United States and Kentucky.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron also spent time with Fox News to make his pitch to Kentucky GOP primary voters. In his interview, Cameron was “calling out Democrats’ treatment of other Black and minority conservatives as the GOP continues to make gains in communities that have traditionally voted Democratic,” according to Fox.

“I think, for far too long, some Democrats have tried to ask folks that look like me to vote in one specific way, and if you don’t, and if you express a difference of opinion or thought, then they recoil at that, and they give you a lot of grief on Twitter and other social media platforms,” Cameron told Fox.

Cameron and Craft face 10 other Republicans in the May 16 primary including Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles and Auditor Mike Harmon.