Carla Dearing Mayoral Announcement Borrows From 2018 Announcement for Joe Cunningham

It is a case of Deja Vu as another candidate announced her entrance to the Democratic primary for Louisville Mayor this week.

Carla Dearing announced her campaign for mayor of Louisville with a video that is strinkling reminiscent of a campaign rollout video for Joe Cunningham’s 2018 bid for Congress in South Carolina in both theme, wording, and style.

Dearing, a businesswoman, starts her campaign launch video from her dinner table – the same place Cunningham introduced himself to voters in South Carolina three years ago during his bid for Congress.

Carla Dearing announcement video for Louisville Mayor. October 2021.

The video from Dearing, begins with her sitting at her kitchen table, uttering the same words as Cunningham in his video from 2018. Watch Dearing’s full video on her campaign website here.

“The kitchen table,” she begins. “It’s where we break bread. It’s where we make promises. It’s where we share the good and bad, and the hope that tomorrow will be better.”

Dearing transitions into Louisville issues, but in theme and wording, it’s essentially the same announcement. Borrowing so heavily from Cunningham could undercut Dearing’s entrance into the race as a change agent running to disrupt the status quo.

Cunningham’s announcement for Congress sounds strikingly similar.

“The kitchen table. It’s where decisions are made and milestones are celebrated. It’s where bread is broken and thanks is given,” Cunningham said in his video in 2018.

Cunningham, who is now running for governor of South Carolina, has ties to Kentucky. He was born in the West Kentucky town of Kuttawa, his father is the respected former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunningham.

Watch Cunningham’s 2018 announcement video below.

In addition to Dearing, Craig Greenberg, David Nicholson, and Timothy Findley are all running for the Democratic nomination on May 17, 2022.