Cameron Wins GOP Primary; Faces Beshear in General Election for Governor

Despite a rainy primary election that saw low turnout across the state Attorney General Daniel Cameron handily defeated fellow Republicans to win the GOP nomination.

Cameron faced harsh attacks from former Ambassador Kelly Craft, who turned in a third place finish despite spending $11 million of her own money in the race.

Republicans will now look to unify as the Election becomes an attempt from Republicans to oust incumbent first term Gov. Andy Beshear in November.

Cameron said the race was about ideals of faith, family, and community.

“Here in Kentucky we’re not judged on the color of our skin, but on the content of our character,” Cameron said in his acceptance speech in Louisville.

“If you look like me you can achieve anything. (…) All that matters is your values,” he said.

Cameron also thanked former President Donald Trump for his endorsement in the race, saying the “Trump culture of winning is alive and well in Kentucky.”

In the race against Beshear, Cameron started his pivot from primary to general criticizing Beshear for “rampant” violent crime and liberal ideas in Kentucky schools.

Beshear spoke on Tuesday night before Cameron won the GOP primary. In his speech, Beshear said the race in the fall will be about more than political party, and will be focused on “every single Kentucky family.”