Booker Begins Organizing College Students in Support of Senate Campaign

The campaign for Charles Booker’s U.S. Senate run has launched an effort to organize and register students at every Kentucky college and university.

The effort to create what the campaign is calling a “mass movement to motivate young and new voters” took place via Zoom on Tuesday, September 28, National Voter Registration Day.

“We should have automatic registration to vote once you turn 18, period. But in the absence of that, educating students about their voting rights and how to make their voice heard is crucial to having a political process that works for all Kentuckians,” Booker said about the effort. “This is truly a campaign from corner to corner of our Commonwealth, and we’re looking to meet people where they’re at and listen to their issues. College campuses and young voters are an important part of that.”

Tuesday’s virtual event drew college students from across the state representing 13 different institutions and marked the beginning of a dedicated organizing effort for students.

“We’re building out a movement that’s going to motivate people and show the true power of Kentuckians when we come together,” said Cody Pruitt, the campaign’s Organizing Director. “Student voices are a key part of this effort and my goal is to have a student leadership team at every college and university across the state to help lift those voices.”

Booker is hoping to garner the support of Democrats on May 17, 2022, for their nomination to run in the General Election for U.S. Senate. Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is seeking a third term in the upper chamber.