Beshear Declines Fancy Farm; Lou Dems Plan Their Own Event

Gov. Andy Beshear and Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman are officially not attending the Fancy Farm Picnic this year in far West Kentucky as Louisville Democrats begin to plan their own political speaking event “Fancyville” on the same day.

Fancy Farm organizers told the media on Friday that Beshear and Coleman had declined their invitation to participate in the annual political speaking event which is known for its raucous nature and hazing from bystanders. The event benefits the St. Jerome Catholic Church.

Beshear and Coleman are the only statewide Democrats, and as no local Democrats are representatives of the local region they were the only Democrats invited by event organizers.

On Thursday, there were plans underway to hold a Fancy Farm like event in Louisville amongst Democrats known as “Fancyville.”

“Because Louisville usually sends a large delegation to Fancy Farm, and will not be this year, a donation will be sent to the St. Jerome Church in Fancy Farm, KY,” said event organizer Honi Goldman.

A speaker and moderator for the event, sponsored by local unions and the Louisville Democratic Party, is still being planned by the group, Goldman told Kentucky Fried Politics in an email.

“Being planned are the usual political speakers, assorted food and drink, and music along with having a COVID vaccination site.”

It is unclear if Beshear will participate in the Louisville event on Saturday, August, 7.

Confirmed Fancy Farm speakers are U.S. Rep. James Comer, Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles, Secretary of State Michael Adams, and Auditor Mike Harmon, who recently announced his gubernatorial candidacy.

Additional invited speakers include U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, state Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Treasurer Allison Ball, R-Kentucky, who just delivered her second child this week will not be attending the event.