Alan Keck Turns to Faith in Latest Digital Ad in GOP Primary Campaign

Somerset Mayor Alan Keck is sharing his story of faith in his latest digital ad as he is seeking the Republican nomination for governor in a crowded field May 16.

Keck is sharing his story of faith in a nearly two-minute long video shared on Facebook. In the video, Keck says he was saved at 12-years old, and now is a member and deacon of First Baptist Church of Somerset.

“We had a society of strong families, of people that were convicted in their faith and their belief system, that built this great society and allowed this experiment to come to fruition,” Keck said. “And we’ve lost that. The reality is we no longer fear God in America. If you look at the decline in a people of faith and that lack of fear and the moral degradation that we’re experiencing, they’re almost lockstep. And that has to change.”

Keck says he knows not everyone joins him in practicing the Christian faith, he believes faith alone is crucial to bringing hope and opportunity back to Kentuckians and people across the country.

“While we don’t push or force our faith on others, we need to be quick to share it, we need to be quick to live it, and whether you believe like I do or not, we all have to have something in our lives that’s bigger than ourselves,” he said.

Keck is one of a dozen candidates seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic incumbent Gov. Andy Beshear in November.