A Senior Advisor for Elizabeth Warren’s 2019 Presidential Campaign is Helping Charles Booker With Staffing

A major Democratic advisor is tapping her network in an attempt to find a communications director for one of Kentucky’s potential Democratic U.S. Senate candidates.

Dasheika Ruffin, who has held senior advisor roles with Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign and Georiga U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock’s 2020 campaign, is now seeking a communications director for Charles Booker’s Exploratory Committee.

The email, a portion of which is copied below, was sent by Ruffin seeking those interested in the communications director position with Booker to apply below or reach out directly to the campaign strategist. Ruffin underlines that the current exploratory committee would act as a “potential run for Charles Booker for Senate – KY.”

Ruffin also serves as the Southern Regional Director of the American Civil Liberties Union campaign for Smart Justice.