90’s Era KY Lawmaker Seeks Return to Frankfort

A Northern Kentucky Republican who has not held office since 1998 is seeking a return to Frankfort at the age of 69.

Gex “Jay” Williams has filed for the newly created vacant 20th District Senate seat that includes Franklin, Owen, Carroll, Gallatin, and part of Boone and Kenton County.

Williams was elected in 1993 in a special election to fill the unexpired term of state Sen. Richard Roeding; Gex won re-election in 1994 to the state Senate representing the 24th District seat for a full term. He then ran for Congress in the 4th Congressional District in 1998 losing in the General Election to Ken Lucas. Williams attempted a comeback to the legislature in 2006, losing to Rep. Sal Santoro, R-Union, in the Republican Primary for the 60th House District seat.

Williams is attempting another comeback and has found support in the form of Congressman Thomas Massie.

“I am seeking to serve my fellow Kentuckians again because we must restore confidence in our electoral system and getting government back to providing roads and other essential infrastructure and services instead of being a nanny state that wastes our hard-earned money, stifles economic growth, and tramples on our personal freedoms,” Williams said in a statement. “We must also protect the lives of unborn babies. It is past time to give them the constitutional protection they deserve, and I will be joining the fight in Frankfort for a pro-life constitutional amendment.” 

Gex’s campaign will be overseen by Axiom Strategies’ Kristin Davison, the political strategist who orchestrated Glenn Youngkin’s successful campaign for governor in Virginia, according to a news release. Gex’s campaign communications will be led by Boone County native Matt Wolking, who was a Deputy Director of Communications for Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign for president and then served as the Communications Director for Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial campaign.