69th Dist. GOP Candidate Calls for Withdraw of Democratic Opponent “After Learning of Violent Criminal History”

The Republican candidate for state representative in the northern Kentucky i69th House District s calling on the Democratic candidate in the race to withdraw her candidacy after learning of her significant criminal history.

Republican Steven Doan’s campaign says they have recently become aware of several criminal records detailing Democratic opponent Chris Brown’s conviction for attacking a woman until she was knocked
unconscious, charged with theft by deception, and arrested for failing to appear in court.

“The voters of the 69th district deserve a candidate of upstanding moral character who can focus on solving pressing issues in Frankfort as opposed to being embroiled in personal scandals,” Doan said. “Chris Brown’s history of violence and fraud calls into question her ability to lead. The voters of the 69th district deserve better.”

According to police reports supplied by Doan’s campaign, Brown who describes herself in bios as a rising social justice leader, advocate, activist and mother, was arrested in May of 2010 for theft by deception for cold checks. Brown was stopped for a traffic citation and arrested on warrant at that time.

Brown, an Elsmere, native, appears in a separate 2010 police report associated with harassment from an incident where “money and guns,” were stolen from her home.

In 2020, Brown is alleged to have attacked a person at a Black Lives Matter rally. According to police records, the victim, in that case, sought a protective order after multiple instances of threatening behavior and violence.

Brown did not respond to a phone call from Kentucky Fried Politics on Tuesday. The Kenton County Democratic Party later responded on her behalf saying sh would not be distracted by the outdated claims.

“Steve Doan’s desperate attempt to distract from his radical positions on women’s health and abortion will not work,” said Chair of the Kenton County Democratic Party, Danielle Bell. “The voters of the 69th district are going to reject Doans’ radical agenda in November, and that’s why we’re seeing this pathetic and desperate attack from his campaign.”

Editors Note: This post has been updated and some of the pdfs have been removed as they were not properly redacted by police.