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Will Kentucky’s Race For Governor Be A Road Map For What Happens During the Next Presidential Cycle?

Will Kentuckians ring the bell for a nation of sheep to follow? When it comes to how we vote presidentially the nation is not following, but another race held 12 months before the presidential election offers key insights.

It’s Beginning to Feel Like 2013, again

It’s not déjà vu – it’s happening again. It was late 2013, and Cathy Bailey, the wealthy former Ambassador to Latvia, was 95 percent sure she was going to run for governor. Behind the scenes, Scott Jennings was positioning Bailey to make her run.  Those speaking inside baseball were talking about U.S. Sen. Rand Paul,...

Touring the state in shadow campaigns, one benefit of incumbency

FRANKFORT - One sitting statewide official is leaning in on a potential race for governor and using his position as agriculture commissioner to conduct multiple tours of the commonwealth. State Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles embarked on an Ag-Tag tour in March visiting multiple counties in western Kentucky. The purpose behind the swing, encouraging Kentuckians to donate to state agriculture via the Agriculture license plate tag. Of course, in politics there’s usually more than one reason for doing anything. While he was promoting the tags and state agriculture, Quarles is also promoting his brand, his vision and maybe most importantly reestablishing local relationships ahead of what could be a contentious political season in 2023.