From the Mansion

Kerry Harvey Named KY Justice & Public Safety Cabinet Secretary

Former Eastern District U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey has been named by Gov. Andy Beshear, D-Kentucky, as his new Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Secretary. Harvey had been serving the Beshear administration as the Public Protection Cabinet secretary. “I have been blessed to have leaders in my administration who have tremendous talent and breadth of knowledge...

Capitol Will Re-Open July 1, With Restrictions

Nearly all restrictions have been lifted in the Commonwealth, restaurants are allowed at full capacity again, but the Capitol and Capitol Annex remain closed because of security concerns.  In response to a question at a news conference last week, Gov. Andy Beshear said “a full Capitol re-opening” would occur on July 1, but would include...

Former Lt. Gov. Hampton Joins Beshear Administration

In an interesting move Gov. Andy Beshear, D – Kentucky, has appointed former Gov. Matt Bevin’s second in command to a post in his administration. Beshear appointed former. Lt. Gov. Jeanean Hampton, a Republican, to the Emergency Response Commission earlier this week. Hampton, who is from Bowling Green, Kentucky, was appointed by Beshear to a...

Fmr. Gov. Matt Bevin is Seriously Thinking About Running Again

Former Gov. Matt Bevin has been busy of late – he’s been reconnecting with old contacts around the state in person and by phone, and he’s made at least one public appearance in recent weeks all in an effort of trying to line up a return to Frankfort, sources say.

Kentucky Fried Politics Top 20 Power Brokers

We all know the elected politicians at the heart of our state government, but those influencing legislation, putting lawmakers in the seats, and pulling the strings are true brokers of clout. They can open doors or close them, they pass legislation or ensure a bill dies a slow death in the committee-on-committees, in short – they are the people who pull the strings and if the time arises, collect scalps.

Somerset Mayor Eyeing Run for Governor on GOP Ticket

At a conference table in his office on the third floor of a brick and glass building dubbed the Energy Center, Somerset Mayor Alan Keck takes a sip from his sugar-free Monster energy drink, leans forward in his seat and lays out his vision for the state of Kentucky.

Stepping Away From Slates

Kentucky’s second in command, the Lieutenant Governor, AKA a warm body in the event of disaster, has been elected in a pairing or slate alongside the governor since 1995, but this upcoming gubernatorial election that is about to change.  Newly enacted legislation will effectively change the gubernatorial primary process. The net effect is yet to...